Lehmusvaara et al. (2013) - Goserelin and bicalutamide treatments alter the expression of microRNAs in the prostate

miRNA expression bar plot


Lehmusvaara et al. used clinical material from a neoadjuvant trial consisting of 28 men treated with goserelin (n = 8), bicalutamide (n = 9), or no treatment (n = 11) for 3 months prior to radical prostatectomy. Freshly frozen specimens were used for microarray analysis of 723 human miRNAs.

The normalized expression values are from ArrayExpress (E-MEXP-3530), Processed data file. According to the article, after normalization, Lehmusvaara et al. used DSection analysis. All of the probes yielding a value of 100 or less in all of the samples were filtered away, leaving 180 miRNAs for further analysis. Next, the average and standard deviation of the probes in every sample were calculated separately and defined as 0 and 1, respectively. DSection analysis calculated the average expression values of the individual miRNAs for each treatment group.